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We’re shaping the future of investment opportunities through our proprietary methodology that implements high-conviction investments and generates alpha across diverse sectors and markets. Our progressive partnerships with clients, institutions, and forward-thinking financial advisors offer a safe space for personalised advice and valued investment services. 

BMAM provides tailored high-conviction portfolio services, private equity and debt, impact investing opportunities, and alternative income investments to meet the needs of wholesale investors, financial professionals, and institutions.

Find the right investment solutions to meet your needs with the support of our diversified set of offerings. In bridging your resources with the right portfolio and investment solutions, the least we can be is a trusted source for your information, portfolio solutions, and investment needs.

Find the right investment solutions to meet your needs with the support of our diversified set of offerings. 

Areas of focus:

B. Moses Securities

Full-service Portfolio Services- Equities, ETFs, MFunds, IPOs, MDAs, SMAs & more.

SMSF Investing

SMSF asset allocation and lending advice for business owners and investors- shares, properties & more.

Portica Private Offering

Portica services HNW wholesale clients only with private debt investments.

With B. Moses Securities, retail advisers and their investors can benefit from our expertise in equity capital markets opportunities. We service primary and secondary markets, including IPOs, capital raising, and placements, with ongoing research and excellent execution and distribution capabilities.

BMAM Private Equity (PE) investment services are focused on transforming underperforming companies into better-performing businesses while delivering high returns to our PE investors.

In every private equity transaction, we are focused on delivering steady returns to our investors while ensuring value creation for all other stakeholders. When we invest in companies, we work with them to positively impact business growth. Our commitment to the companies we invest in ensures we are providing its employees with a stable environment to work, support our domestic economy and enrich our local communities.

At the core of our PE services are risk management disciplines designed to help play a meaningful role in empowering our domestic private sector operators, who are the backbone of our national economy. We provide our PE partners with capital and corporate advisory services to support them in building better-performing companies as we believe they are critical to the stability of our local economy and the future of the domestic job market.

We are guided by a solid ethical compass of integrity, honesty, and transparency. Our deal-making expertise ensures we are flexible but realistic in building our expectations as we seek solutions and cooperation with third-party specialist professionals to maximise the value of our PE opportunities for our PE investors.

With Portica, we offer high net worth investors, family offices, financial advisory practices, and institutions the opportunity to participate in our private debt financing platform providing high fixed income distributions to investors.

In every transaction, the primary goal is the preservation of capital through rigorous assessment and management of risk with parallel maximisation of investment returns.

We have adopted a proactive approach and have established concrete procedures to monitor the performance and the credit quality of all the private debts issued. In contrast, we have instituted clearly defined remedy steps toward risk management.

The private debt made through both platforms is asset-backed with a security asset. Such security will generally take the form of real estate or other assets that can enhance the collateral strength, such as company shares, marketable securities, and personal guarantees. The minimum deal size is $1,000,000.

Our clients always come first. Working with data protection, encrypted software, and platform service providers, our simplified new way of asset management is to stay connected and supportive via a secure portal for advisers and investors.

BMAM operates a diversified set of software, risk, and investment platforms. We provide 24/7 access to your investment holdings, regular reporting, and ongoing financial and investing insights, guidance, and services to help our investors achieve their financial and investing goals.

We work with providers such as Macquarie, Caprock, DesktopBroker, Mason Stevens, Netwealth, HUB24, New Quantum, Dash, TAL, AIA, Neos Life, BT, and others. The spread of options mitigates concentration risk, widens investors’ choices, and provides resilience to our advice and investment process.

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