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There are countless reasons why the private market is set to dominate Alternative Investments markets. For a start, we have made it effortlessly accessible for our clients to participate in private market opportunities. As a client, we can help you assess the makeup of private market offerings and whether they can be a good fit to consider for your portfolio.

Understanding the appeal of the private market opportunities

Unlock unparalleled opportunities and performance in private markets with our alternative investments.

In crafting a diversified portfolio, we offer our high-net-worth (HNW) investors access to both public market investments and private market sectors (PMS). Our PMI income opportunities aim for secured net income returns, ranging from 7.5% to 15% distributions to investors. These investment strategies provide HNW investors with an alternative avenue to enhance portfolio value beyond traditional markets. Through private asset placements, we actively manage investment risk, striving to deliver substantial performance over the long term.

Tailored for high-net-worth and wholesale investors, our offerings provide exclusive access to lucrative private market opportunities, delivering exceptional returns and diversification benefits.

Given the growing demand from our Wholesale and HNW investors for performance-driven alternative investments, we have adopted an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to designing investment vehicles that are both understandable and accessible.

We prioritise clarity and accessibility when offering alternative investment options. We aim to demystify the complexities associated with these investments, ensuring that our clients fully comprehend the opportunities available to them.

With a deep understanding of the private market sector, we have developed expertise in various alternative investment strategies, including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, and private credit. This expertise enables us to navigate these markets effectively and identify lucrative opportunities aligned with our clients’ investment objectives.

Our commitment to client support goes beyond providing investment opportunities. We offer ongoing guidance and assistance, informing our clients about market developments, performance updates, and relevant regulatory or economic changes.

  • PMIs can allow us to further protect clients’ investments as we have a greater degree of leverage over the operations of the companies in which we invest our clients’ money. Compared with public companies, which must meet multiple shareholders’ demands and requirements, PMIs can be exclusive to eligible institutions and therefore gives us the opportunity to fully manage our investment bottom line.
  • Private market opportunities can provide significant returns above publicly traded assets but require a large minimum investment to be considered. Based on our size, extensive client base, and scale of operation, we can aggregate demand and therefore making it easier for our clients to gain exposure to PMIs. 
  • Private market opportunities can be complex to navigate if left for a non-institutional client to get in independently without proper guidance. With our size and direct contact with such PMIs, we can gain access to data and information to conduct the necessary due diligence and assess whether it’s a suitable investment for our private HNW clients. 
  • PMIs require large capital to gain access. As a result, risk management capabilities are key to participating in private market opportunities. In building well-balanced PMI portfolios, we focus on further diversifying these investments for our HNW clients to avoid concentration risk. We achieve this by converting these large capital requirement opportunities into small or mid-size pieces via pooled funds. For instance, if it requires $10 – $20 million to gain entry, we can redesign the portfolio to reduce the minimum denomination size to completely avoid or minimize concentration risk. These steps make PMIs more appealing and accessible for our HNW clients via pooled funds.

Limited Market Data:

Private market investments (PMIs) are often bespoke and generally lack the level of data transparency found in publicly traded investments like those on the ASX.

Illiquidity Compared to Public Equities:

PMIs are less tradeable than publicly listed shares, leading to lower liquidity. However, this reduced liquidity can contribute to lower volatility.

Longer-Term Investments:

Unlike publicly traded equities (shares), which offer flexibility in trading, most private market assets are structured with fixed terms, making them better suited for long-term investments.