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Progressive Financial Planning Process And Investment Solutions

Our professional services for Personal Financial Advisers leverage unparalleled experience and knowledge across a broad spectrum of financial disciplines, markets, and products. This expertise enables us to provide top-tier advisory and investment solutions strategically designed to enhance the financial success of their clients.

Strategic Financial Advice Solutions to Personal Advice Financial Adviser's Retail Clients

Our bespoke strategic investment services can be designed to preserve and/or grow the wealth of wholesale and retail investors based on their unique circumstances.

First-time Investing

Family Wealth Investing

Super & SMSF Investing

Retirement Planning 

Private Market Investments 

Managed Accounts- MDAs

Personal Insurance 

Property & Debt Structuring 

What to expect from a robust financial planning process

Financial Planning Process Expertise:

A robust financial planning process begins with detailed discussions to identify the areas most important to you, the client. Following this, your adviser will provide tailored financial advice and solutions to meet your needs. These solutions are your gateway to a higher level of organisation and centralisation of your overall financial affairs.

Your advisers will take the initiative to thoroughly review your situation and craft a personalised financial guide that addresses all your personal or family wealth priorities. Working with you and your adviser, we are committed to supporting you through every stage of your financial journey, ensuring your financial security and peace of mind.

Every investor has unique resources and needs, and it’s important to understand what can be achieved with what’s available to you. Your private wealth adviser plays a key role in streamlining and integrating your resources into a comprehensive long-term wealth plan. This plan’s implementation and ongoing management are designed to enhance investment decisions, manage investment risks, optimise tax efficiency, and facilitate the inter-generational transfer of wealth to your beneficiaries, where applicable.

We take a unique approach to investment management, offering our investors extensive market opportunities across all major asset classes. These include real estate investments, fixed-interest securities such as cash, bonds, and term deposits, as well as alternative income assets like private debt and private equity opportunities. Additionally, we provide domestic and international equities access through diverse investment vehicles.

Based on your preferences and the investment strategy developed with your adviser, you can directly invest in these assets through a managed account structure, an MIS structure, or a managed fund. Together with your adviser, you have the ultimate control to select from our broad range of offerings, ensuring you have the peace of mind and confidence in understanding what you are investing in, why you are making these choices, and the direction we are guiding you towards.

The role of a tax financial adviser registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) is to ensure your financial affairs are legally structured in the most cost-effective and tax-efficient manner possible.

It’s important to understand that private wealth advisers registered as ‘Tax Financial Advisers’ are committed to ethical tax practices. Their primary obligation is to ensure that investors do not use inefficient or inappropriate investment structures that could result in paying more taxes than necessary.

Tax advice is a vital component of financial planning and wealth creation. Effective tax strategies can significantly enhance your wealth accumulation process. We are dedicated to employing the right strategies and structures to help our clients and investors eliminate inefficiencies across all aspects of their finances, ensuring every decision contributes positively to their long-term financial goals.

Insurance planning is an important component of wealth creation and investment management. Investing is an art that involves assuming risks, which an investor may deem reasonable in exchange for potential returns. These risks include loans, interest rates, currency fluctuations, age, inflation, employment status, market dynamics, timing, etc.

If you are engaging in investments that carry risk, it’s essential to ensure that you are adequately protected. Our risk specialists can provide personalised protection by ensuring you have the appropriate coverage, tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Your risk adviser will guide you through the four main types of cover and explain how they pertain to your specific circumstances. The goal is to safeguard against events that could significantly impact the health and well-being of the key individuals involved in your investment program.

A wealth succession plan has varied meanings for different investors. Your adviser’s objective is to ensure that the wealth you’ve diligently built can be transferred to the next generation in a tax-efficient and cost-effective manner. Investors must understand that this aspect of the advisory process should be considered from the outset of their investment journey, as initiating it later could be too late.

Incorporating a succession planning solution into your advisory journey enables your adviser to guide you in developing and implementing a successful succession plan tailored to your unique needs.

A comprehensive estate plan is essential for long-term investing success. Most strategic advisers work closely with a nominated estate planning specialist to develop tailored solutions that meet each investor’s unique needs. Such estate planning services include:

  • Assisting clients in structuring their Wills.
  • Setting up Enduring Powers of Attorney.
  • Establishing Guardianship Arrangements.
  • Creating Trust Structures, such as testamentary trusts.
  • Also, restructuring superannuation investments and business succession planning are integral to our estate planning services.

This process typically commences in the later stages of an advisory relationship and should be regularly reviewed following implementation, especially after significant changes in personal circumstances.

Professional Financial Planning Process

We do our part- Our professional services can provide the best investment advisory and development support to help our partners and adviser clients elevate themselves and their services to their clients. Our Private Wealth Adviser clients take their investors through the following simple steps:

Day 1

Your initial appointment with an adviser is an excellent opportunity to discuss your current financial situation, experience their expertise firsthand, gather necessary data, and set clear expectations for both parties.

Day 2

Following your initial consultation, a Statement of Advice (SoA) will be prepared. This SoA is tailored to the objectives you discussed and agreed upon during your first meeting. The presentation of the SoA is followed by its implementation.


Upon accepting the recommended advice, you and your adviser will agree to proceed with executing the strategies outlined. At this stage, you will be assigned a dedicated investment manager who will work closely with you to manage your assets effectively.


With our extensive experience in asset management, we provide investors with active investment management services. Our approach includes real-time reporting to ensure transparency and accountability, giving you 24/7 access to your assets under management.

Our approach is focused on bridging our clients’ and co-investors resources with the right investment solution utilising a multi-strategy approach and diversified risk-adjusted opportunities. Our specialist services provide investment solutions for superannuation products, including SMSFs, real estate investing, private debt and private equity investing, and investments utilising- MDAs, SMAs, Model Portfolios, ETFs, and alternative assets.