High-Net-worth (HNW) & Sophisticated Investing

Understanding current market trends and identifying the types of investments that are most attractive to High-Net-Worth (HNW) and Sophisticated investing.

HNW & Sophisticated Investing?

High New Worth (HNW) and sophisticated investing refer to investment strategies and tactics used by individuals or entities with a high level of financial wealth. These investors typically have significant assets under management and can make substantial and more complex investments than retail investors. As a result, HNW and sophisticated investors may have access to a broader range of investment options, such as hedge funds, private equity, private debt, and venture capital, which can offer the potential for higher returns but also carries a considerable amount of risk.

These investors often have a long-term investment horizon. Based on their respective investor risk profile, they may be willing to tolerate a moderate level of risk to achieve high-income but moderate growth returns or higher levels of risk to achieve higher capital growth returns.

Generally, HNW & sophisticated investors tend to have a strong understanding of the markets and a high degree of financial sophistication, which enables them to make more informed investment decisions. Such investors may also have access to professional investment advice and employ investment strategies such as diversification and risk management to help protect their wealth.

Our HNW & Sophisticated Investors

Our High Net Worth (HNW) and Sophisticated Investors typically seek investments that will yield a high return while also providing a low level of risk. HNW investors are generally expected to be experienced and have a high level of financial literacy.

When armed with the right information, these investors are more inclined to consider investments whose performance is not correlated to the stock market, such as real estate, including project funding, private equity, private debt, alternative income investment, venture capital, hedge funds, and others. HNW investors are also interested in investments and structures that offer tax advantages, such as annuity-style products.

Our exclusive wholesale investment offering provides a steady income stream and long-term capital appreciation for our HNW clients and co-investors. Note the services we provide to our HNW clients are supported by the expertise of Private Wealth Advisers.