Safeguarding the future with personalised investment solutions. At the core of our services is a shared, integrated form of financial and investment disciplines that we have developed with our Advisors and Investment Managers to produce results that are more insightful and rewarding to our Private Wealth Clients. 

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Comprehensive Range of Tailored Advisory And Investment Solutions

Accessible support and flexible investment services made simple for our Private Wealth clients.


Personalised Portfolios

Our portfolios are designed for both, income investors looking for above markets fixed income distributions and capital preservation, as well as growth investors looking for accelerated wealth creation investments and profitability. Our core services and depth of experience extend to securities and derivatives, international portfolios, equity capital markets, alternative assets, private debt, and capital advisory services.

Working hand-in-hand with financial advisers, we provide bespoke strategic investment services to support the needs of first-time or experienced investors, retirement planners, superannuation and SMSF investors, wholesale investors, business owners, medical professionals, and corporate clients.

Our investment advisers provide daily recommendations on equities and options and can provide general advice and discretionary equities advisory services to investors looking for both income generation and growth portfolios.

Seamless and cost-effective superannuation and SMSF specialist services and asset allocation advice built around our private wealth clients. Similar to a traditional super fund, we have centered everything around our clients and their assets are managed for them.

As a client, you can benefit from gearing advice to increase your equity and placement in a range of investment offerings including shares, property-based assets, high-yield private debt investments, and also improve your after-tax investment returns.

Personalised Investment Management Solutions & Model Portfolio Services

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We leverage our deep understanding of asset classes to develop a customised approach combining time-tested strategies with diverse assets. This enables us to navigate the complex financial landscape and confidently grow investors' assets under management.

Our investment solutions include portfolio design and construction with exposure to the major asset classes including Australian & international equities, fixed interest securities, ETFs, managed accounts, managed funds, alternative investments, real estate assets (direct/managed fund), private debt investments and portfolio management. We operate a co-intelligence advice and investment community centered on working with our clients to stay in control of all aspects of their finances. Our broader service offerings has been designed after following tested strategies, not products. As a client, we’ll provide 24/7 access and regular reporting, and we’ll connect you to the expertise and resources within ‘B. Moses’ to grow your wealth. Other areas of focus:

Structured to provide capital preservation and higher distributions to traditional bonds, term deposits, and other fixed interest securities.

For consistent distribution of above-inflation income, our fixed interest asset allocation is designed to deliver potential growth or income combined with capital preservation.

Our clients benefit from equity capital markets opportunities such as IPOs, capital raising, and placements, ongoing research, and excellent execution and distribution services.

We are here to provide you with insights and guidance. Our simplified new way to asset management is to stay connected and supportive via our private wealth clients access portal to create positive client experiences in a manner that promotes transparency and accountability.

Ad Hoc Specialist Services

The ad hoc services to Private Wealth investors are designed to save time and cost. We use unique, custom-built tools to give you the edge. 

Estate Planning

As a client, you can benefit from succession planning services. Your Private Wealth Advisers can work with you to ensure your succession plan is well structured that it can be tax and cost-effectively transferred to your next generation.

Personal Insurance

Our clients can benefit from specialist risk advisory services through the services of their dedicated financial Adviser. With our private wealth clients, our objective is to utilise insurances to help protect their families and assets in any event that can significantly disrupt the health and wellbeing of their lifestyle and financial affairs including their investments under advice.

UK Pension Transfers

Our Private Wealth Clients receives advice on how to transfer their UK Pension to Australia via Bridging Advisory. The offering is hustle-free and we save clients time and significant cost savings in transferring their UK Pension to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) here in Australia.

SME Advisory Services

Our SME clients can benefit from a comprehensive range of business advisory services. In partnerships with other specialist, we provide SME specialist support services on business cashflow lending, mergers and acquisition services, business sale and business tax concessions, acquiring a business or property using SMSFs and other trust structures.

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Our core services and depth of experience extend to securities and derivatives, international portfolios, equity capital markets, alternative assets, private debt, and capital advisory services.

Build People's Dreams

Our broader service offerings have been designed after testing strategies, not products. As a client, we’ll provide 24/7 access and regular reporting.

Understand Asset Classes

Exposure to the major asset classes, including equities, fixed interest, ETFs, managed accounts, managed funds, alternative investments, property-based assets (direct/managed funds), private debt investments, and portfolio management.