Enhance your investment experience with Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)
Direct Ownership, Control, Simplicity, Transparency, Tax-Effective

Discover the strategic advantage of Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) with our tailored portfolio management services. SMAs offer direct ownership of securities, giving you absolute transparency and control over your investments.

SMAs Overview

Experience our bespoke model portfolios and SMA services, all supported by expert advice and comprehensive resources. Gain exposure to diverse assets, including direct equities, exchange-traded funds, managed funds, alternatives and cash products.

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

A Separately Managed Account (SMA) is a custom-tailored investment service or managed account where each investor retains individual ownership of specific assets within a professionally managed portfolio. Unlike traditional managed funds, each investor’s assets in an SMA are distinct and not pooled with those of other investors, offering more personalised investment management and transparency.

This direct ownership allows for customised tax management and specific asset allocation, catering to the unique needs of each investor while still benefiting from expert asset management. SMAs involve an investment management firm making investment decisions on behalf of clients who invest their money through an SMA account. This structure aligns with the aspect of managed investment schemes where the management of investments is conducted by third-party investment managers.

Model Portfolios (MPs)

We provided SMA model portfolio services, financial products and investment management services to our investors. Model portfolios are professionally managed asset allocation programs tailored to fit a specific investor’s needs and risk profile. 

What we can offer:

We offer end-to-end investment management, asset allocation, execution, and rebalance services for our clients under a model portfolio and SMA investment program.

What we can offer:

We offer end-to-end investment management, asset allocation, execution, and rebalance services for our clients under a model portfolio and SMA investment program with us. 

Key Benefits of MPs & SMAs

Direct Ownership

Investors have direct ownership of underlying securities.

Low Cost

MPs/SMAs can allow brokerage to be spread across several investors, meaning lower brokerage.

Beneficial Owner

MPs/SMAs are Individual Accounts, meaning you’re the beneficial owner.


Can be diversified by asset types and also be managed by expert strategists and overlay portfolio managers

Professionally Managed

Access to professional investment management expertise of your advisers in actively managing your portfolio.


The Managed Account Service has the advantages of: lower fees, greater flexibility & transparency.

Insights & Ideas

Why the Managed Account Service?

Our SMA products and model portfolio services offer a tailored investment experience designed to meet our clients’ unique needs and objectives. Ideal for individuals, families, and institutions, these services provide expert asset management customised to your specific requirements. With us managing your investments, you can focus on achieving your broader financial and lifestyle goals with peace of mind.

Tailored for high-net-worth and wholesale investors, our offerings provide exclusive access to lucrative private market opportunities, delivering exceptional returns and diversification benefits.

The primary distinction between traditional managed investment schemes and SMAs lies in the ownership and control of the investment assets. In SMAs, investors own the individual securities directly and can see exactly which assets are held in their accounts, whereas, in a managed investment schemes like managed funds, investors own units in the fund rather than the underlying assets.

SMAs are ideal for investors who seek a more personalised approach to investing without sacrificing the benefits of professional asset management. They are suitable for both high-net-worth individuals and retail investors looking for a tailored investment experience.

The SMA provider offers the platform and administrative support, while the investment manager makes the strategic decisions about buying and selling assets. Together, they ensure that your portfolio is managed efficiently and aligns with your investment goals.

Direct Ownership: SMAs allow you to own securities directly in your portfolio, giving you a clear line of sight to each investment and its contribution to your financial goals. This personal connection to your assets brings an unparalleled level of engagement with your investment strategy.

Simplicity and Transparency: With SMAs, the complexities of managing a diverse portfolio are streamlined. You have a clear overview of where your funds are invested, and all actions taken by your investment manager are transparent and aligned with your agreed strategy.

Tax Effectiveness: SMAs are designed to be tax-efficient, offering significant advantages over pooled investment vehicles. Since securities are owned individually, you can benefit from tax strategies such as tax-loss harvesting, which can significantly reduce your taxable income. Each investment can be sold individually, allowing for more strategic tax planning.

Cost Efficiency: SMAs can be more cost-effective than traditional mutual funds. By eliminating the layers of fees often associated with pooled funds, SMAs provide a cost-efficient solution, ensuring that more of your money is working for you in the market.

Customisability: One of the standout features of SMAs is their customisability. Whether tailoring your exposure to specific sectors or excluding investments that don’t meet your ethical criteria, SMAs provide the flexibility to build a portfolio that truly reflects your personal preferences and financial goals.