Secured Income Private Credit
High Income-Focused Investment Solution

Private credit refers to direct lending, often to companies not serviced by traditional banks. This form of credit is generally not traded on public markets, making it less susceptible to market volatility. We offer private credit investment opportunities and tailored solutions that cater to the sophisticated needs of modern investors.

How Private Credit Can Meet Your Needs:

Private credit investments serve as an appealing alternative to traditional stock and bond investments, providing diversity and the potential for enhanced returns. Incorporating our private credit offerings into your portfolio allows you to access a suite of benefits designed to stabilise and grow your investments.

Our private credit solutions offer a reliable income stream through regular interest payments, an advantage that becomes particularly valuable in times of market volatility. These solutions can provide financial stability and expand your investment opportunities beyond what’s available in public markets. This access to unique market opportunities allows for greater diversification, potentially boosting the overall performance of your portfolio.

Through private credit, you can achieve a balanced, resilient portfolio tailored to meet both your immediate income needs and long-term financial goals.

Private Credit Overview:

Higher Yield Potential: Private credit often offers higher interest rates than traditional fixed-income products due to its private nature and the higher risk profile of its borrowers.

Risk Mitigation: Many private credit opportunities are secured by collateral, providing a layer of security not typically found in unsecured bonds or equities. Should a borrower default, the collateral can be sold to help recoup some, if not all, of the loaned funds.

Low Market Correlation: Private credit investments have a low correlation to broader market fluctuations, making them an excellent tool for portfolio diversification and reducing overall investment volatility.

Income Generation: With fixed income-like characteristics, private credit can provide a steady income stream through interest payments, appealing to those who require regular income, such as retirees.

Direct Impact: Unlike passive equity investments, investors in private credit have a more direct impact on the success of the companies or projects they choose to fund.

Direct Lending: Direct loans to SMEs provide capital for growth or operational needs, offering investors reliable returns from interest payments.

Real Estate Debt: Loans secured by real property assets offer stable cash flows backed by tangible assets, providing clear exit strategies and additional security.

Mezzanine Financing: This hybrid of debt and equity financing offers higher returns than senior debt by taking on slightly greater risks.

Distressed Debt: By purchasing the debt of companies in or near default at a discount, investors have the opportunity for substantial gains if the company recovers.

Loan Notes



Indicative Yield


Series A

Floating Rate

1st Mortgage

7.5% to 9.5%

Floating rate notes

Series B

Fixed Rate – 3-year lockup+2-year extension determined by BMAM

1st Mortgage

7.5% to 9.5%

Fixed term of 3-year lockup then an extension of up to 2 years determined by BMAM.

Series C

Fixed Rate – 3-year lockup+2-year extension determined by BMAM

2nd Mortgage

12.0% to 14.0%

Fixed term of 3-year lockup then an extension of up to 2 years determined by BMAM

Series D

Fixed & Floating Rate3-year lockup+2-year extension determined by BMAM

Unsecured – Loans

(No credit Enhancement)

15.0% to 17.0%

Fixed term of 3-year lockup then an extension of up to 2 years determined by BMAM

Investing in private credit opportunities through us means exposure to investments engaging with an asset class that provides:

Robust Returns: Competitive interest rates compared to traditional securities.

Enhanced Portfolio Stability: Diversification that can reduce the impact of market volatility.

Tangible Security: Loans often backed by physical or financial collateral, generally real property assets.

Strategic Growth Support: Our investments contribute to the growth and stability of businesses and real estate projects, fostering economic improvement and job creation. Additionally, our solutions aim to enhance the mental health and well-being of the key figures driving our economy.

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