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Our intermediary services offer a comprehensive suite of benefits to enhance your financial strategy and investment outcomes. We provide access to a wide range of financial services and products, giving you diverse options to manage your financial affairs.

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We provide comprehensive access to finance, investment, and private credit services. This includes portfolio construction and professionally managed model portfolios utilising Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) and Separately Managed Account (SMA) structures.

BMAM specialist intermediary services offer dedicated advisory and execution services that can be tailored specifically to the requirements of our wholesale investors, financial services professional investors, and financial planners and practice managers seeking access to the equities markets, private debt investments, and alternative high conviction investment opportunities.

Portica Securities is the commercial lending arm of B. Moses Asset Management. Portica stands as your reliable partner for commercial lending, providing expertise in SME lending, investing, and development.

Portica distinguishes itself as a unique and reliable commercial lending partner through its commitment to innovative solutions, regulatory adherence, and a personalised approach. Unlike traditional lenders, Portica emphasises thinking ‘outside the box’ to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Equity Income (ACL Number 551564) is a unique financial solution providing Zero-Interest loans tailored specifically for Australians over 50 and retirees.


It specialises in equity release solutions that allow residential property owners to leverage their property to secure cash payments. These payments are converted into a no-interest loan, enabling easy access to funds without affecting property ownership.


Equity Income services is designed to be clear and simple: a no-interest loan secured against your nominated property, which will be settled against the future sale value of the property used as security when you or your estate decides to opt-out.

In conjunction with B. Moses Securities, our clients benefit from equity capital markets opportunities such as IPOs, capital raising, and placements, ongoing research, and excellent execution and distribution services.

Our adviser can customise our specialist services to support and meet the advice and investment needs of first-time or experienced family investors, retirement planners, superannuation and SMSF investors, wholesale investors, financial advisers, SME investors, medical professionals, and corporate clients.

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